“My husband and I have built several home over the years and one of the nicest benefits with using Orlan Sorenson is his design/build capability. The time saved and the attention to detail that Orlan builds into his home is impressive. We are very happy with the quality of his work and the integrity of his entire building team. We would certainly recommend him to our friends.”

Dr. T. K. Wetherell

“When we first thought about building a home in Montana while living and working in Washington D.C., we had great concern about how well that could be done, if it could be done at all. We quickly learned that with the right builder, it is not only possible, it's pretty easily accomplished. The secret is to find a competent contractor you know you can trust completely and in whom you have unconditional confidence. Fortunately we were able to do that and our building experience with Landmark Builders has been nothing but positive. From design to construction, Orlan Sorenson and his highly skilled craftsmen have carefully met and exceeded every one of our expectations ”

Marc Racicot

“Orlan, has the unique ability to capture his clients vision, add his years of experience and creativity to create not only exceptional homes, but happy clients that become friends for life. As a banker and also as a client of Orlan's I have witnessed first hand his attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills. Orlan is a true Montana craftsman who knows how to add value!”

Dennis S. Beams

“There are a number of things that have made our Montana experience wonderful. 
When you picked the site for construction of the home, we feel you chose the most premium site on the entire lake, starting out at 5 acres and now up 20 acres.
The quality of the construction, attention to the tiniest details is evident to everyone who visits us. 
even the the home is large, the way it is laid out gives it a most warm and comfortable feeling. 
And, most importantly you have been accessible and have responded immediately with help and suggestions for various items that we wish to have done around the property. 
We know you will always be a friend of and be bonded to the property, because it was truly a labor of love on your part and the part of your craftsmen. 
Thanks for making this experience so fantastic for our family.”

Michael Coit

“Katie and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with and representing Orlan Sorensen for more than 10 years. We have represented him during the sale of four speculative residences and have referred numerous clients to Orlan for custom buildings. 
In all of those years, during all of that construction, in the midst of all those countless decisions, dealing with unimaginable number of change orders and a wide variety of personalities and temperaments, Orlan has always performed beyond expectations. 
He is a rare talent in the world of construction. Because of his extensive architectural background, he has the ability to design and build a home from concept to completion. His designs are created solely around the clients desires and he personally supervises and participates in the entire construction process. He is an expert at creating the environment around the structure, as well. We have witnessed him create ponds, waterfalls, stream beds, rock gardens and exterior landscapes that are simply beautiful. 
I can say two things that sum up my opinion of  Orlan as a builder and a client-  First of all, every single client that has bought or built a Sorensen home, would do it again. Not one client has ever regretted working with Orlan and most all of them have referred their friends to him. They love him and they love their homes. Secondly, and maybe most importantly, I would have Orlan build my home without hesitation. As a matter of fact, I look forward to having Orlan build my house, someday. ”

Tom and Katie Brown

“Our bank has experience an ongoing relationship with Orlan commencing in 1991 with a spec construction loan. Since that time Orlan has specialized in upper end spec and custom home in which out bank has been involved with a number of them. He has a reputation of building quality luxury homes and is especially talented in his site development and building design abilities. His clients include entrepreneurs, university presidents, former governors, stock brokers, and many others. Not only does Orlan excel in the building aspects of construction buy his over-all construction and financial management skills rank with the best. He takes personal pride in each of his projects and his clients are his life-long friends after completion. I continue to value our relationship with Orlan. ”

William C. Paullin

Sr. Vice President
Glacier Bank
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